Monday, December 15, 2008

Maternity Leave...

I'm thinking I might need to change my career path to become a Stay At Home Wife/Mom. In just one day I have managed to accomplish tasks that would have otherwise taken YEARS! Ok, I'm exaggerating, but not by that much. So, what can one accomplish between 8 and 4 when that silly thing called "going to an office" isn't getting in the way?

-Pay Bills
-Clean Out Fridge
-Take out Garbage
-Schedule Landscaping Company to Blow up my Backyard
-Drive into town to get car washed (Jeep is now worthy of car seat)
-Meet Husband for Lunch
-Pedicure (My feet are still fat, but at least my toes have snowmen on them!)
-Costco! (I accomplished 75% of the grocery shopping here --- the rest manana)
-Drive back to Maricopa
-Put all the food away
-zzzzZZZzzzz (this is me sleeping on the recliner)
-Dishes! (My sink was stacked to the ceiling with dishes for some reason)

Life is good :)Or at least it will be rather fantastic while I only juggle home and a baby. I'm sure it'll go back to insanity when I put work back in the mix. But - perhaps with a little help from Fly Lady and Dave Ramsey, I might be able to get my household to a tighter running ship over the next 8 weeks, and when I go back to work it will be easier to manage!

I leave you with a picture of Michael, at 37 weeks: