Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's cold outside...

Omg. Kill me now. Seriously. Or at least get this baby out of my uterus. He is fully baked now (aka, full term) and since my Doc did a complete 180 on me from a week ago I'm starting to feel hopeless. We went from "lets induce on the 21st" to "Inducing is bad, mmmkay." Nooooooo! It seems like right after the ultrasound at week 36 the size of the baby was a life threatening emergency. At 37 weeks? Well, now we don't want to induce because bla bla bla bla. Doctor still thinks I will go on my own at any minute, and agreed that if I'm not in labor on my own by December 23rd, we can induce on the 23rd. "But Doctor, I don't want to be in the hospital on Christmas." Oh, don't worry she says... you will get to go home on Christmas day!

Ummm - not if I my baby weighs 13 pounds and I have to have an emergency C-section! Blargh!

So, kiddo, please, work with me. Daddy put your swing together, and set up the bassinet in your pack and play! He even installed the car seat base in the Impala. We are totally ready for you! We've got you a bitchin' Christmas onesie even! I'm already on Maternity leave! Mommy can't walk, none of her shoes fit, and she is retaining water up to her belly button.

On second thought - how about you wait until... oh, Friday. Then I can have at least a week off between work and a baby to get things done around the house :)