Friday, December 5, 2008

An Early Christmas Gift...

I was expecting little baby Gaines to continue to measure ahead at today's appointment. At 29 weeks when our little fella's head was measuring 32 weeks, I figured "there is no way I'm making it to my due date." However, I was not prepared for how far ahead he would be measuring today. I am almost 36 weeks pregnant today. Michael has decided to come in at the 97th percentile of babies in the womb and has a head that is measuring 41 weeks, and the rest of his body is measuring 39 weeks. HOLY CRAP! The ultrasound tech estimates that he weighs 8 pounds! At 36 weeks!

So - we at least have a game plan now. Doctor said that it is still too early to induce me right now, but I have another appointment at 37 weeks and they will perform an amnio to test lung maturity. Assuming his lungs are mature, the countdown is on. The doctor said to cross my fingers that I go into labor on my own by 38 weeks (and she really believes that I will), but if I don't that is when they will induce me. What that means is that Michael, at the latest, will be here by December 22nd.

With that in mind, I'm going to go ahead and begin my Maternity leave a week earlier than I originally anticipated, and my last day of work will be December 12th.

Let the countdown begin :)