Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Threads...

So, at 32 weeks pregnant, I finally broke down and bought some new maternity clothes. This was the FIRST purchase I made and I am so so so glad that I finally did. Now, don't get the wrong idea. I wasn't one of those blessed women that just got along ok in her pre pregnancy clothing for the last 8 months. No no. My best friend Valerie was just kind enough to give me 2 huge bin fulls of all her Maternity clothing for the last few years since she was done having babies. We were roughly the same size, so it worked out great. But - Val was never pregnant during the winter, so all of her biggest clothes were summer clothes. Not that it should really matter in AZ, but I just needed some pants, lol.

Anyway - Josh and I picked up some cute tops at Target, and then some of those "secret fit" jeans from Motherhood Maternity. I wish I hadn't resisted a Maternity store for so long. These jeans are AWESOME! The band goes all the way up to my rib cage, but it it is a really lightweight stretchy fabric that somehow holds up without making me feel like I'm wearing a girdle.

During our United Way campaign at the office, I donated $50.00 for a "Jean Pass" for the months of November and December. Now I'll actually be comfortable in jeans at work! Hooray! I'm just glad to get some relief - I've been miserable having to constantly pull my pants up as they slip off my belly. Plus, none of my shirts seemed to be long enough, so if the pants slipped down, my poor stretch marked skin was left exposed to the world. Not a pretty site!

Speaking of stretchmarks, as we were checking out at Motherhood Maternity I noticed this skin oil meant to help with itchy skin. Since my skin just literally started getting itchy in the last couple days, I decided to pick up a little sample size bottle. I even said to the clerk "Perfect - my skin just started itching!" Her reply? "Oh - definitely use that, then! And don't scratch your skin... that is what causes stretch marks!!!"


I didn't realize that my incessant ass, thigh, calf, belly scratching is what had caused all these claw marks. *sigh* I just assumed it was my stretching skin that caused stretch marks.

The one downside to all this walking around malls today? A stroll through Macy's has me longing to be back to my normal size! There are so many adorable sweaters that I want! Good thing I registered for a jogging stroller. I'm going to need all the help I can getting back in shape after Mike gets here.

And just for fun - a picture of my "Baby Daddy" and Mike's Grandpa showcasing their crib construction skills (and this crib is freaking MASSIVE!)