Monday, September 22, 2008

MBA in Accounting? or just plain' ole MBA?

For the last, oh, long time, I've been working towards my MBA at the University of Phoenix. I picked Accounting because I was somewhat interested in taking a role as a Risk Analyst for my company, and I also picked accounting because it was the longest program and I wanted to postpone my student loans forever and ever. Regardless of what direction I opted for, University of Phoenix has me complete all my "regular MBA" courses first. I assume this is in the event that I lose steam and want to drop out, I will be closer to graduation and decide to stick around anyway.

Anyway - as of tomorrow, I will be starting what could potentially be my last class at the University of Phoenix. In 6 weeks, I will have completed all the necessary coursework to graduate with my MBA. If I want to stamp the Accounting specialization on after that, I have to take 6 more courses.

Here is my dilemma... I am so done with so school. I have taken to procrastinating quite badly lately. All I want to do when I get home after work is sleep - I really don't want to get online and contribute to group work and online discussions about business. Oh, and finally, I'm not so convinced that I want to work as a risk analyst any longer. I'm kind of a people person, and at times I worry that our risk analysts spend too much time with numbers and not enough time getting to know the customer. Of course, that is what I'm there for - to work with the customer. Not to say that I wouldn't change my mind at some point and want to work in risk - but even if do change my mind, the MBA in Accounting isn't a requirement, I would still be qualified for the job without it.

IF I decide to just cut it short to a plain ole' MBA, my last class would end November 5th. With Baby G arriving at the very end of December, that would give me 7 solid weeks of nothing being able to relax through the holiday season after work before our first child is gobbling up my attention.

So - why do I feel guilty? I want to be done and finished, but I feel like I'm letting someone else down. Will my children look down on me later in life for not having the accounting title strapped to my degree? Will husband and I buckle under the financial stress of having my student loans come due again in January instead of May?

My potential last class starts tomorrow - I better make up my mind, and fast! (although I feel like I have already made up my mind to just make this class the last one...)


On a side note, I start my new Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) today. My company is awesome, and has rolled out a company wide initiative to allow for flexibility in scheduling. It has always been available, really, but they have officially rolled it out and training everyone on how to use the program. I was looking at doing 4x10's (four 10 hour work days with a 3 day weekend) but that would have been a bit much for me, and a bit of a strain on my team with one already out on maternity leave. For now my schedule is 9x9. I work nine 9 hour days, and then I have every other Friday off. My first "off" day will be October 3rd, along with the 17th and the 31st! Hooray for having Halloween off! Yay!