Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a week!


As if the Twilight Series wasn't bad enough, our pal Steve brought over the first season of Battlestar Galactica yesterday. To say I'm hooked would be an understatement.

Not posting a menu for this week because husband will be out of town. I do have some ambitions for the week ahead, including an oil change for the Jeep, and possibly new tires. She is just about to hit 30K miles, so I'm sure I need to have some other maintenance done. I'd love to get her a nice detailed bath because I gotta get her gleaming for the arrival of the baby.

Is it time for maternity leave yet?

I have managed to watch a little bit of the Olympics. Caught some men in skimpy outfits doing gymnastics, which I always find enjoyable. Also was glad to see that the US beat China in basketball. What else? I'm interested to see all the drama surrounding Israel and Iran at the games. Some Iranian swimmer not wanting to swim in the same pool as an Israeli. And then the Iranian basketball players shake the hands of the Israeli basketball coach. I can't keep up with it all!!

I'm watching the news closely on the situation between Russia and Georgia. I'm worried, and not very familiar with the region or their history. It appears that Russia bombed an oil line, and I'm not sure why.

Condi basically said "Israel is going to do what Israel is going to do..." So, I guess that means that Israel is going to blow Iran off the f*cking map.

Oh - and now supposedly Lieberman is on McCain's short list?? *sigh* I guess McCain has made some headwinds lately with the ads on Obama (which have all been great, imho) but I feel like this would be a step backwards. Lieberman is probably the greatest Democrat out there after Zel Miller, but I think he actually amplifies a lot of McCain's negative qualities. If McCain wants to pick a candidate that will spice up the election, he should pick Chuck Norris. /nod

Finally - Bernie Mac is dead (a shame, I adore Mac), the US Dollar is up and Oil is down.

What a week!!