Sunday, August 3, 2008

Menu - 8/3 through 8/9

So, trying something new out. Had the husband flip through all my new Rachael Ray cook books and pick out everything that looked good to him. From those recipes, I picked out a weeks worth, and then spent a ridiculous sum of money and time at the grocery store. You know things are getting complicated when you need spiced rum for your cooking! Anyway, thought it might be fun to post my weekly menu on the blog so everyone knows that I'm making an effort to feed my husband, lol.

Fancy Pants Bangers n' Mash
Desert: Fresh Fruit

Island Bird: Pineapple Rum Chicken
Baby Green Salad w/ Mandarins & Almonds
Desert: Peach Sherbert

D'backs game, out to dinner

Cheddar-Studded Tex Mex Meatloaf Patties
Scallion Smashed Potatoes

Blue/Red Berry Short Cake

Lettillas: Mix n' Match Lettuce Taco's
Mexican Rice
Desert: Fresh Fruit

D-Backs Game (Out to dinner)

Aussie Meat Pies
Red Potatoes (Right Wife Style)
Desert: 1/2 Skinny Cow w/ Fruit on top

I'll take pictures for every meal this week and let you know how they turn out. Also - these recipes are all taken out of the Rachael Ray 365 book.