Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cankles and Heartburn...

The 22nd week of this pregnancy has brought on two new interesting developments. First - Non stop cankle action. They calm down overnight only to swell up again the second I walk into the office in the mornings. Strangely enough, they are usually ok on the weekends. On Thursday I had some major swelling from the knees down all the way to my toes (even the top of my foot was puffy) but the swelling was super awful in my left leg and barely noticeable in my right. I called the Triage line of my doc's office, and they told me to get my butt in that afternoon.

And why? I was thinking "Oh, great this is it - I'm going to have pre-eclampsia."

Apparently, that isn't what the doc was worried about. Evidently, the swelling and chest pains I was complaining about are indicative of congestive heart failure.

Oh noes!

Anyway - my ticker is just dandy. Nothing to worry about there. The chest pains are actually heart burn. And as it turns out, my blood pressure was pretty high, and the doctor wasn't convinced that it wasn't anxiety related. He told me to lay on my left side and nap for a few minutes in the dark room. After about 10 minutes one of the nurses came in and took my blood pressure again. It had come down significantly.

The prognosis? I'm stressing myself into this:

Ok - it isn't really that bad. But basically I'm letting work stress me out WAY too much.

Oh, and Tums are my new best friend. Stupid frickin' heart burn.

Finally - I think I am having braxton hicks contractions - but it could be the baby moving. I swear I feel my whole stomach tighten up and then loosen up for a few minutes every once in awhile.