Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gene Therapy...

So, I got to thinking today about what my future offspring will look like. More specifically, I was thinking about what a little boy Gaines would look like. I like to think that my side of the family has strong traits in terms of dominant facial features, and if that remains the same for my children, then I think they will be ok (and if it isn't that way, that is ok, too).

But, if we did have a little boy, I wonder if he would look like my father? Or my older brother Jonathan? Or maybe even my nephew Riley? I'm sure you will see the resemblance...

Me and my Father at my Wedding:

My father, age 16:

My older brother Jonathan, age 27:

My nephew (Jonathan's soon) Riley, age 3:

And Riley again, around 1 year old:

I guess for my next post I'll have to wrastle up some pictures of the women in my gene pool. It is fun to imagine what my future offspring will look like :)