Thursday, May 8, 2008

Prom Season...

Yep, it is that time of year again (although I think that all 4 proms I attended during my high school career were in April, but nevermind that). Lula got me thinkin' about my own prom experiences after describing hers and her recent experience in helping get a senior get ready for her own prom this year.

In all honesty, all of my prom experiences were rather lame with the exception of my senior prom. Freshman - Junior prom were spent with boyfriends that probably shouldn't have been boyfriends, and Senior Prom was spent with my wonderful friend, Richard. I was actually dating the Husband at this point in my life, although he was a Senior at Arizona State University, and wanted NOTHING to do with another prom (can't say I blame him).

After prom my senior year, a big after party was held at the house I was living in at the time. Good fun was had by all, and I think there are even some pictures of the after party that I'm about to show you (hint, look for the picture of me drunk off my ass pointing to myself... I think I'm wearing an Adidas sweater, lol).

The next morning me and the roomie (and a couple of stragglers) pulled ourselves up from the ruins and enjoyed a nice breakfast at Denny's. Now those were the days :)

(click to view a larger image)

Junior Prom:

Senior Prom:

Would I do it all over again? Sure - but I'd ditch the boyfriends and go with a Gay, Asian pal named Richard (Best date EVER!)