Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh The Places We Will Go...

I took Guinness on a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood lastnight. I brought the new camera around to test it out, and also to get some pictures of Guinness OUTSIDE of the house for a change.

Our Pals - Sean and Farrah's House:

The actually have the exact same layout as us - but we did a few things differently. Of course, their home is actually decorated and beautiful. Sean and Farrah are about 11 weeks pregnant - they are going to be great parents!

Guinness - on a Halti:

Guinness has to wear the Halti when we walk him - it keeps him from pulling the whole time, and it is a lot easier to control him if he gets excited by something. Strangely enough, Guinness was on his very best behavior lastnight. He met two new people, and even came face to face with his first infant. He was very sweet and gentle, and didn't seem to interested in the little one. Made me feel a little more relaxed about introducing a baby in our home. Anyway, I highly recommend the Halti to anyone with a big dog that really likes to pull you around on walks!

For comparisons sake, here is Guinness as a puppy (about 8 weeks old)

Sniff Sniff - Who's been walking around my bushes???

I'm sure like all other dogs, both Guinness and Sammie have to smell every blade of grass they encounter on our walks. Don't they know that spiders could be hiding in there? Or a mean scratchy kitty!

The grass!!! Holy crap, the grass!!!

The dogs love this patch of grass on the corner of our neighborhood. As soon as we get here on our walks, rolling, and grass scratching commence. Pretty silly, really.

Elementary School:

This is the brand new elementary school under construction in our neighborhood. It is kind of neat to think that our little ones might attend this school someday. How convenient - literally one block over from us! The school should open by August - exciting!

The walkway into our subdivision:

The entire master planned community we live in is very thoughtfully designed with walkways and parks throughout. I feel bad about not getting more use out of it - we are such homebodies! I can't wait to take the future babies to the community pool someday!

Home Sweet Home!!

No one else on our street has our same floorplan - the sweet little baby house. Standing at just under 1300 sq ft, our home really qualifies as a large apartment. But - it is a great starter home! Now all I need to do is decorate and get cozy, because Ryland (our builder) sold us our home in March of 2005 for the low low price of $170K. Our same floorplan is now selling for $90K in the new Master Planned community up the road. Stupid, stupid investors. Stupid banks. Stupid. Ohwell, like I said, we better get comfy, because we are going to be here awhile!

AZ Mesquite Tree:

This tree was a wee baby when we moved in - in the last two years it has grown and grown!

Other Stuff:

I have found some awesome new websites! My Home Ideas is a website that contains tons of photos for ideas on how to decorate your home based on theme/room. I already have some good ideas!! For example, I <3 this living room: