Saturday, February 9, 2008

What The Eff?

Why Politics Suck:
Seriously, I can't keep up anymore. I can't believe that Romney dropped out of the race. Ok, I can believe it. I'm irritated, though. I'm angry that Steve was right. I'm mad that I have to vote for McCain. I guess the real reason I'm upset is because McCain was LITERALLY my last choice out of all the republican candidates. I would have been happier with anyone else, but I guess I'll be happy with McCain now. Sorta. I guess as his own mother put it, I'll be holding my nose as I vote for him.

Why Miscarriages Suck:
I meant to take a pregnancy test last week to ensure that I tested negative so that when I took a "real" pregnancy test around the 12th I wouldn't get any false positive results. Anyway, I forgot to take the test last Friday and decided to go ahead and take one yesterday. I was 99.9% positive that I would get a negative result since it had been 3 weeks since the miscarriage. Well, wasn't I surprised to get a big fat positive on the test. /Sigh. I'm dumb. I don't know when I ovulated after the miscarriage, I may not have even ovulated yet, so I really don't know what to make of the result. For now, I'm just going to assume that there is some residual HCG floating around in my system, and I'll test again in another week. If I end up with a darker line, then I need to get my butt to the doctors.

One of the blogger chicks that I pay attention to recently discovered that she is pregnant: Girls Gone Child

Another site that is link worthy: This lady is crazy about getting her life organized and keeping it that way. I think we could all learn something from her, and I could probably learn a lot more than most since I'm completely inept at anything of the sort.