Friday, February 8, 2008

Oklahoma... /yawn

Ok, not to be a major jerk or anything, but I was seriously underwhelmed by Oklahoma. First, I land in Oklahoma City - the BIG city. Not so much. Kinda reminded me of a small town in Arizona. After arriving in Oklahoma City, I went through the process of collecting my rental car, got stuck with a Mustang (again... every time I travel for GE I always end up with a Mustang for some reason). I had requested GPS, but of course this was not available, so they decided to "treat me" with Satellite radio. Of course, Sirius radio was not functioning in the 'Stang, so I was left to try and find a somewhat ok station to listen to for the two hour drive ahead of me. Oh, and speaking of which, Enid, OK, is really easy to get to from Oklahoma City, but in true Map Quest fashion, they had me doing some of the most absurd things. For example, they had me get off I-35 on to OK-66 for no apparent reason at all. It took me 10 minutes to realize this before I turned back around to get on the I-35. Gay.

Enid was also underwhelming and cold. The nicest hotel in town was the Ramada Inn. Pretty swanky, I know. This is the type of town where the girl who works at the Ramada Inn has a boyfriend that comes and sits in the lobby every evening and watches TV on the big screen there. Oh, and all her friends come and use the computers in the lobby, too. It was rather irritating. Oh, and everyone wore an abundant amount of clothing while swimming in the INDOOR pool. Why is that? I thought that was something we developed in AZ to prevent sun burns. I also temporarily forgot where I was geographically located and was confused why everyone sounded like they were from Texas. I thought my Father-In-Law was the only who pronounced the L in Salmon. I guess I was wrong :) Did I mention that Enid was depressing? Yes, it was. The coolest place in town was the Hobby Lobby near my hotel, and the Ross that saved me from developing frost bite with an amazing $8.49 coat that I will definitely be able to use in the future. They had a small shopping mall in town, but a lot of the stores were closed. I guess I don't really see the economic recession we are supposedly facing right now in the US, but I think a big part of that is AZ being such a desirable place to live. People are still moving here in droves from other places. Sure, we have a few more houses than we need at the moment, but we will get past that here. I can kind of picture Enid, OK becoming a ghost town of sorts.

The coolest part about this trip was definitely the snow factor. I've only been in the snow once before, so it was pretty cool to play in it again. Of course, it would have been even cooler if I had realized that a snow scraper was in the trunk of my car.

So, on my all time cool places list, Oklahoma is probably not going to make the cut. Here are some picture I took, an an accidental video I took because I don't know how to work a camera.