Monday, February 11, 2008

Dog Poo and Weeds

The Weekend
Despite spending several hours picking disgusting mess up from the front and back yard, I truly had an excellent weekend. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for being outdoors (even if it involved picking up dog mess and dandelions). Actually, it became quite apparent how OUT OF SHAPE I am as two days after the event I am quite literally feeling the pain in my quads and calf's. Josh and I also spent all day Sunday shopping. We found an awesome (alternative non-down) down comforter, and all sorts of undergarments that we have been needing at Costco. We also moseyed our way down to Trader Joe's for some Trader Ming's gourmet Chinese food. Oh, and I can't forget the ridiculous amount of money we spent at Fry's for groceries this week. All said and done I think we came close to $300.00 spent on one measly Sunday afternoon!

Speaking of Chinese stuff, what is up with all the espionage coming from their general direction lately. Damn. Don't they remember what we did to the Rosenthal's? Of course now-a-days we probably can't do ANYTHING to them. I personally think it would be amusing to steal the Olympics away from China and give it to a country more deserving... like Mexico... /nod. I hear the Illegal Immigrants from Mexico are all kinds of pissed that they aren't getting rebates from the US Government, so maybe hosting the Olympics in their home country will give them the incentive to return.

I am intrigued by the Obama-Clinton situation going on right now. I have a hard time imagining that Obama will win the nomination. COME ON people, we are talking about the Clinton's here. They are dirty, scandalous politicians that will do whatever it takes to win. Oh, and in Hillary's defense, what the hell does Obama stand for anyway? At least I know all the ways in which Hillary will fuck this country over. Obama, however, well, I am clueless. I assume that he will destroy things in the typical liberal fashion, but who knows, really.

Oh - and if Uncle Tommy is reading this - someday Josh and I will convince you to come to the dark side.

Musical Monday

Good New Stuff
Amazing things on the musical front. There is this band out now that really seriously reminds me of Green Day (whom I loathe due to their incessant rantings on why they hate America - can't musicians just SHUT UP ALREADY). Of course, this band goes by Foxboro Hot Tubs and they swear up and down they have nothing to do with Green Day. This song is called "Mother Mary" and you should listen and appreciate it:

Random old Stuff:
I searched the internet through lists of "These were my favorite songs during this year" posts - I found this song popped up a lot:

Random Sad Song:

Random 'Get You in the Mood' song:

I discovered this song after purchasing the latest Isley Brother's album for the song "Contagious." This song is AWESOME! Seriously - listen to it. And then lay that special somebody down by the fire...