Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Constructive Criticism

That is what the Husband threw my way this morning. "You cuss too much and embed too many MP3's and You Tube clips in your blog." Oh really? I guess I do cuss a lot on here, but it isn't anything I wouldn't say in person. Josh just doesn't like it when I curse because it doesn't sound lady like. But really, he should be more understanding. I learned every curse word I know from a long line of crazy cursing Purcell women. My formative years were spent in the back of my Mother's station wagon picking up on every word that left her mouth. Not only does cursing excessively run in my blood, but road rage is also rampant. The drive to and from Litchfield Park in elementary and middle school was filled with bad words and bad drivers. Mom did go through a phase in which she tried to tone down the language, but we kids loved the new "not so bad" words just as much because we fully understood the intended meaning of them and also because we could actually SPEAK these words without having our mouth's washed out with soap. Oh, what, you thought that was an urban legend?? Not so! I had my mouth washed out after one of my dear siblings rat finked me out for stringing the words "Bat" and "Stard" together slowly to create bastard. We were all thinking of creative ways to curse without necessarily cursing, but somehow I was the only one who got busted for it. Grrrr. ANYWAY - My mother is not the only one cursed profusely in my childhood years. Not at all. Mom was merely the apprentice to the Sith Lord June. No one cursed better then my Grandmother! I know that Husband wants me to stop the filthy language on this blog, but I can't stop completely without sharing the foulest and most horrific derogatory term for a person my June June ever uttered. Slimy Twat. Yep, that was all her invention. For some reason it didn't sound quite as bad coming from her mouth with the British accent and all. I sure do miss that lady.

In regards to Husband's other complaints criticisms, I really would hate to resort to describing why I love the songs I am embedding rather than just letting you hear them and making you guess why. Perhaps I could think of some sort of compromise and only embed MP3's/Music Video's in here once a week? Of course this is going to force me to fill this blog with content which could mean the ultimate demise of this here web log.